Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cared Mentoring vs Public Advice

To be a good manager, the subtleties of mentoring vs advice is paramount. This post is about investment of time to build a great workforce and is similar in lines to my earlier post where spending time to ensure the team "gets it" instead of mere "buy-in".

Cared Mentoring
  1. What teachers do on one on one discussions.
  2. What managers do on one on one sessions and appraisal discussions.
  3. What Parents share with you in close moments and in various occasions.
  4. What friends come around to warn you in ecstasy and goad you to carry on when chips are down.
  5. When customers teach you their business to help you do better.
  6. When you recognize you are being comforted instead of being flattered.
Public Advice is
  1. When you address a one-size fit all approach.
  2. When you address issues on expected lines rather than taking the root cause heads on
  3. When you appear to speak to the head and heart but not to intellect and emotions.
  4. When there is a bullet and presentation rather than an impromptu speech.

I have always loved my network to be with mentors than advisers. Do you yearn for the same traits as I do ?

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