Monday, April 19, 2010

When you "get it"...

That is the belief moment that you can do it;
That is the conviction moment that it is worth it;
That is the "Aha" moment that it is good cause to live for;

Most managers opt for a "buy-in". The typical business to go about it requires:
1. Addressing a gathering
2. Saying nice things
3. Putting up a rosy picture
4. Asking for support
5. Creating awareness with little bit of motivation (some do) strewn around.

Rather when you take pains for users to "see it" and "get it", you get to slog a lot more. They include
1. Spending time with groups.
2. Understanding the view points
3. Giving the balanced picture
4. Request for volunteers and nominate people to help you in cause
5. Generate Buzz, excitement and access to true picture.

When you want
  1. An idea to be shared (not communicated, as is the oft committed mistake) and implemented,
  2. A change to be rolled out (where the betterment for you is paramount and explained)and adopted
  3. To make an impact that results in an affect-effect relationship (that is going to make you wake up to a different tomorrow),
you may want your users to "get it" than "buy it".

Is it worth the effort, though ? Your comments would help.

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