Sunday, July 4, 2010

Good Writing aint Drafting. Draft is Art.

From my child hood, I have heard my dad exhorting his students and colleagues to improvise their drafting skills. In fact, his first advice to my wife (Lawyer by degree) is to specialize in drafting. Ironically, I can see that none of them were as excited as him and to me too, it seemed a de-glamourized, non-starter for a full time career.

The higher forms of communication is actually the art of excellent drafting and presentation (not PPT the physical presence in a audience setting). Me, till now and most of us still fail to realize this fact and benefits.

Drafting skills are very different from normal good writing and communication skills. Good writing skills cannot differentiate between messages, responses, document types and context of the audience. Writing and communication skills required for all of them are same: Clear messages delivered through sentences that are grammatically correct.

But is that all you do while you require a favorable decision every time in your side? It would be a mistake to think this to be the case. These forms of writing and communication are temporal in nature, while the time tested, generation driven communications are league apart and they are the realm of good drafting.

Good drafts provide powerful personal impacting moments coming to life and making the messages obvious than being "led to believe". Examples of good drafts abound in legends, bedtime stories, rumors, documentaries on historical events, religious texts (Bible, Bhagwad Gita, etc.), iconic best sellers books. These share a trait that is
  1. Meaningful,
  2. Annotated multiple times.
  3. Add value as they are explained and passed along.
We may not create such great drafts, but realizing that you are drafting rather than communicating when ever you are in a social environment will take you leaping miles ahead in success and victories.  Please bear in mind, when ever:
  1. You want to send a message that requires a positive response in your favor,
  2. You are responding to a query that is to be evaluated for a decision,
  3. The context in which your writing is going to be consumed,
all require good drafting skills.

A sad note is, good drafts and people who do so are not a  commercial valued entity. Just as in Art, they are valued long after their life, and are revered in reputation than in money. So if you are in game for monetary considerations, good communication skills can take you there. If you need to be known and remembered, you need to be a good drafter.

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