Sunday, July 25, 2010

Walk the Slope or Climb the Steep: The choice for Training Departments

Does your training department act to be responsive, adaptable, friendly and get you to reach relevant training on demand ? Thereby, making it a business centric function with returns, Or do they follow a time table of sessions,as a corporate mandate to keep the show going, based on a list of approved titles ? Thereby, adding it as a cost component in the balance sheet and using it as a mere tool to justify the means and not the end.

Either ways, training departments fulfill a gap and need. Is the gap and need an imperative, or a ritual, is largely determined by the people, sponsorship and cultural DNA desired by the training team themselves and the clout the CxOs wish they can get with training help.

The rigor of training teams can be explained in 3 slopes of a right handed triangle.

Can you determine the slope you current are and the slope you wish to move the compass ?

Climbing the steep is easier once the tactical plan is accepted and agreed upon. It is less budget centric issue but a strenous job, that is considered more as "not worth the effort".

Only that the "will" to climb the steep is sadly missing with many training departments. Any points missed out? Let me know.

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