Monday, July 26, 2010

Mental Chains

What makes a strong personality? Many consider the conviction and ability of a person to convince the line of thought they attest to. Or ability to command a battalion to victory against seen enemies. As a corollary, a weak personality is one who accepts the diktats impressed upon them by a strong personality. Or leaving their conniving emotions to a subjugate purpose.

At face value, it is correct. So, you might think so. This line of thought is part of mental chains we possess based on our
  1.  Upbringing,
  2. Hammered by Cultures,
  3. Exposure to Stereotypes,
  4. Pressure to Conform in a group and
  5. the Local Contexts.
Chains are the cause of confusion, anger, arrogance, false submissiveness and mis-understanding. Primarily they lead to a life of misgivings, wrong expectations, hurried gratifications. Mental chains are the hooks in thoughts that hold each other together and bind your brain and heart into believing in constraints. The hooks in successive thoughts lead you to a single polaroid view than seeing the whole light.

Break them and you suddenly

  1. Are Receptive
  2. Are Listening
  3. Are Amiable
  4. Wield the decision remote
  5. Play the choir in perfect harmony
  6. Saddle dissipation to an innovative path
  7. Become biased to absolute truth and an all-round problem solver.
Ever attempted once ? Try breaking the chain of education and step into world of self-learning.
  1. You will see the same subject interesting.
  2. You will realize that there are so many passionate people around the subject.
  3. You find motivation levels deep inside that go way past passing exams.
  4. You feel the reality about an innate professor within you who can change the world by elucidating the subject better.
  5. You get up dreaming, talking, writing about the subject through care and "caressing its nuances".

Now, having broken the mental chain, find out what a strong personality means? It will mean to you about
  1. Being Interesting
  2. Getting friendlier
  3. Becoming "listened to"
  4. Caring enough to state the bitter truth
  5. Getting unexpressed admiration and readers 
What mental chains have you broken today ?

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