Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Confidence and discomfort for better Thinking

Once we know we are on the path free of traffic, we put on cruise control and hold the steering wheel just to navigate.
This is comfort zone that devours us from thinking and is boring to our spirits. We are controlled with a switch and no longer live our way.

In traffic, we get uncomfortable, navigate our way, think to get our way out faster, change gears, calculate probabilities of lanes for fast movement and importantly make choices all the time.

In both instances, we are confident of our riding abilities. It is just that thinking, evaluating choices  and making decisions, makes us alert, responsible and responsive in uncomfortable situations. It is in making continous decisions and evaluations that allows every one in traffic to bring out their best abilities to get their way faster.

Hence it is confidence and discomfort that makes us agile and better professionals than use confidence to slip in comfort zones.

What say ?

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