Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Submission is not Subduence

When you apologise or accept a bad, it is submission to the fact that given a possibility, you could have changed it. This is possible when you are conscious of your actions. This is the phase where your growth is unhindered, because you know the result of an action and you are malleable to amends. You wish to make a statement that you were given the right to choose and you own the right and wrong in decision or action. In the particular case, the fact states that you could have made it better and you accept it, often sad but yet as a experience to not repeat.

Subduence is executing others wishes. You are handed a checklist and asked to comply. You have a choice or opinion, but the way is chosen. You are either in or out. When freewill is passed over to a note that demands action according to set wishes, you do not allow yourself to submission. In essence, you have lost what you could have owned.

Submission allows amends, Subduence is rigid. In long term subduence allows you to carry on with your current life. Submission allows you a change of course. Be concious and you can never be subdued, EVER.

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