Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hand-offs: The grueling duel to communicate reliably

Is there a model to ensure that hand offs result in a good positive environment ?

Any theories, concepts that are practical to make it easy for the receiver to take over smoothly and continue your good work ? I have found checklists that states that you need to give a certain set of information in certain templates. Doing this makes it a predictable case to cover data areas in hand off. However, the structure of a hand off resulting in a firm understanding from the receiver is a soft issue that cannot be enforced.

In a hand off instance, I often find the receiver go through 4 channels in which information is processed.


Result is a hand off does happen, but an affirmative nod still is not forthcoming. Can this be made a mandate in the exit clause ? If so how could it be reinforced ?

I found the impact of sharing information in the below 5 dimensions enables the key decisions and a better personal experience.


I have not taken a hand off yet, as mostly I land up opportunities in entrepreneurial segment where there is a need to start or establish from scratch. But giving hand off is something I have gone through multiple times and I can definitely say, it is better to get a nod than following a checklist (rather ticking a checklist could be an after thought).

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