Sunday, May 13, 2012

What s so wrong with the “others” mindset

In my initial days of career, one of my mentors said in his farewell speech “Don’t take other reality on you”. I always retained it in the context of leaving org's. But now realized that it is related to all situations when comparisons are the most demanded and expected stories than the real worth of the message in groups.

You start perceiving yourself and your work “for” others and not “with” others.

In short, you are not “in it” for your own business and you can value anything for you when compared with or against others.

Where then does individuality lie ? When and how will you receive communications involving you and not others? How can you evaluate yourself and determine your priorities? When anything is done in your benefit, how can you perceive the same in your context ?

When the “other” gets more value than self in making or judging your decisions, you know where this is drifting. You are not earning to set the context in your favor. This is the biggest laggard in any discussion as the handle to look within, needs to come from external uncontrolled and mythical "other". When this happens and you get a whiff of it - Stop right there and it is time for a change. Since you neither initiate, control, nor allow for energies to garner attention. What use is it when the goal posts keep shifting away.

"Others" mindset spoils more inter-personal commitments and relationships and team opportunities that never hurts visibly and hence tolerated in workplace. They remain under-currents and forces management only to do more of lesser good because of counter balances than be in it for growth, good and scale.

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