Thursday, May 17, 2012

“We are different” is now boring!

8We normally put up this façade in face of an idea, challenge, change. Yet it is a loser when faced with a mandated onslaught when challenged with change, growth, adoption and reality.

Disruptions have become the norm. Yet staving it off with reasons, justification and rationale make it more hard and rigid hits us with a loud bang to realize the unworthiness of this very statement.

It is better to believe and behave as we are normal and would adopt the change and swim through chaos to the shores to make the difference. This betters the outcome from routine of “We are different” mental attitudes, games and resistance.

What is better is to talk and share a lot, analyze and dream of best and worst future scenarios, support the normal state to change and set terms on which you would wish to implement the change. It inconveniences us for sure, but makes for a happy ending when we start thinking as to what is hitting us than hiding in shell to hurt ourselves in both current and future years.

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