Monday, February 16, 2009

Single Input Window for Portfolio Management

For past 2 years, my search has been for a portfolio and resource management tool with least amount of dependency on hierarchy and least number of inputs.

In short, my ideal state of application is to maintain a single input window based on which meaningful results and custom inputs can be added if required.

MPP, Excel Sheet Templates and other open source applications, provide this feature. However, each ask you, as multiple project manager, to fill in details in multiple sheets. In MPP, you can roll up multiple projects to create a portfolio dashboard. So this means, you need to maintain project inputs for multiple projects seperately.

Similarly with other tools. They are all correct. But to manage a team till 45-50 people does not require the elaboration in these tools. I have seen the excel sheet system work for my VP with a team size of 150-180 people.

Hence I decided to explore it myself with Excel. Keeping fingers crossed to see how good the application can be for young, over worked project managers in my team and for myself to stay ahead in reporting review meetings.

Stay Tuned...

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