Sunday, February 15, 2009

Storyboards and Questions

The major deliverable in e-Learning is storyboards. The name definitely has its roots in movie industry and is copied as best practice when CBT and WBT's evolved.

However, do we retain the same importance, format, effort, discussions when we create storyboards in e-Learning courses.

First - We have changed the way storyboards are created. The term "write storyboards" is more the order of day. Do storyboards get written in movie industry ?

Second - Shouldn't storyboard be crafted with sketches, final characters, objects ? It is conveniently replaced by ID's writing "graphic/animation description".

Third - Do Visual Designers work on storyboards or only use them for development using software ? In my company and my past experiences, no VD works on storyboard, but use the storyboard.

Result - Storyboard, which should be the main input source and pivot point, anchored baseline, falls as the first deliverable to just inform the progress to the customer ? How many times, honestly, have you worked directly from issue logs and customer/quality team comments without updating the storyboard ? What sanctity do we accord to storyboards then ?

Isn't this a classic case of "Copying the best practice, but removing the 'best' from the practice" ?

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