Sunday, February 15, 2009

That First Thing - pAIN!!

That First Thing is always a pAIN. pAIN starts everything!. The emotion to "cry" always associates with everything first. This starts right from our entry into the world. The happiness of doing anything first successfully also manifests in "cry" than laughter. In Pain, we do only cry!

1. Cleaning the Inbox: That First sorting out a data backlog is a pAIN. Post that phase the desire to see it that way, will sustain it in a happy setting. It is rewarding to see your inbox clean just as you wish a clean table, clean desk, clean house. Strongly Advised!

2. "Close the Work": This refers to Documentation and Training, which is continously ignored. It is not a batch activity. Doctors ensure the patients file is updated with their comments/ recommendations. Just because their case was successful, their job is not "closed" until the file is recorded, updated, shared and archived for future reference.

 In work, "Close the Work" to ensure that you hand off your work to others with documentation, test results, log files, training presentations. This is self-quality. No process adherence will teach you this. Remember, doing That First closure work is time consuming, pAINful.

3. Minimize Waste: A simple "finance rule" most self help blogs and finance management web portals advice - Get out of Debt. Stay out of credit cards. These are leakages and waste your hard earned money. Plugging loop holes is an idea to minimize waste. Stopping That First expense is a pAIN.

 In work, minimize waste by

    a.) Delegation: If you are not good at something, that some one else is available, Ask for help. Request to get the piece done. Doing everything, because you know it, is NOT good. That First Ask for Help is a pAIN.

    b.) Repeat Steps: It is not bad at all. Monotonous repetition enables you to specialize and finish your job on time without stress. The key is to find the repeatability of the work and ensure work gets done that way. It is then easier to bring in more people to complete the job. Urge to be best, makes you an adventurer, constant RnD person. Practicing That First systematic repeat steps, is a pAIN

    c.) Verify and Certify: For any work, documentation is key. Accounting people and CRM industry realize this well. Any expense or income is duly noted, verified, certified and circulated. All contact details and history record of relationships are keyed in, for enough statistical analysis. If you have a work, verify and certify yourself that it is good to be circulated. That First time to criticize your own hard work, scrap it and improve it is a pAIN.

4. Take a Break: Just "DELIVER" it: Bad times call for less work and no thinking. Things are bad, not because of you. They are bad, inspite of you. The effects are not controlled. Take a Break. Chill out. Do many things that occur as they come. Many conflicts might happen. Mistakes should occur. That First delivery, without support is a pAIN.

Every first thing you attempt is a pAIN. It is stretchful, not stressful. We need to cry for having taken to do it.

Attempt it three times and you will be happy to see the results.

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