Friday, December 11, 2009

Expressive vs Explanation: The difference? - Seek involvement in others

I have realized that to grow professionally, you need to move to a higher level of expressive forms than just explanation.
When you explain, you rationalize the already chosen path and try imposing a point of view through verbal or written medium.
In explanation, agreements are muted or disagreements immediately surface.

However expressiveness takes a radically different approach. Expressiveness let the audience participate with the level of your involvement with the subject.
You may draw, sing, dance, seek visuals, draw, take pictures, replete with analogies, humor, ask for points of view, Quote research; just simple: seek involvement from others.

Once the affinity levels are known, there is almost only one choice: Reciprocate and Resonate the topic and not necessarily the speaker views.
Thus expressiveness is more rational, logical, sensible, expandable, creative job that needs practice.

How have you expressed in a situation and how many got on board with you?

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