Sunday, December 27, 2009

In Letter and Spirit

What determines a great service and good delivery worth remembering ?
  • We remember the prompt call/service person attendance after delivery of product.
  • We talk about the waiting lines and the lack of information in an otherwise good and happy quality product.
  • Our greetings and gift sharing have short term recall, but the manner of our greeting, time of call and appropriateness of gift has the word of mouth appeal.
This post is to bring forth an important point, that is oft missing. To achieve an objective in letter and spirit, it is not good to go beyond scope, give freebies, provide more attention, pamper in any other way. A delivery or service done well is what you are paid for in professional life. However to gain satisfaction, create your brand, carve a niche, you need not look beyond; rather look within and carefully tune your approach.

  • The approach determines the satisfaction in the great service and good delivery accepted by your client.
  • The approach provides the recognition after delivering a great service and good delivery to get the next higher value repeat order.
  • The approach ensures bringing skeptics and evangelists on board at the same time and vouch for the service line to bring more revenue.
  • The approach delivers you the candid opinion and critical feedback when you need them the most.

It is the approach that showcase spirit and sense of satisfaction in an otherwise quantitative completion of tasks and KRA's to objectives.

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