Monday, December 14, 2009

Good, Worthy, Reliant

All the 3 are antonyms of each other (Not in English, but in entrepreneurship mode).

  • A good candidate does their chosen area well. This, by itself is not a sufficient condition to be of worth in a given context.
  • A worthy candidate need not be good at their skills. But have proved time and again to do that one thing right at the right time. Dependable in a given situation.
  • A self reliant person is the "great" guy. They need not possess extraordinary skills. They need not be glamorous, smart. But they are savvy, street smart, passionate individuals, who take tasks up their sleeve, in their heart, roam with their mind applied to that one goal. Ever-green go-getters with minimal management overheads.
Which personality are you ?

When you have a good team, it only gets you to deliver good if you have projects. The team does not get you far.
Few worthy individuals in team, ensure that the sustenance is taken care of. They stretch only in patches to do few things right, and get back to being good.
A self reliant team is the auto pilot, well fit cog wheel set of individual groups who deliver, stretch and further take care of themselves and the system well.

How do you get a self reliant team in place ? When I start on my own, I for sure, will not be concerned for a good team.

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