Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mental Chains: Applicability

A unique visitor who was kind enough to stop by my blog for first time, asked "What does it imply for Learning Practice"? Not that all my posts are learning centric, but this sure has a link. When I re-read the post, I felt, may be the topic needs more justification. So here is the applicability of Mental chains and the need to break them down.
  1. Why do change initiatives often fail ?
  2. Where do communication gaps occur ?
  3. What is the foremost issue with a new joinee (senior , experienced and decision making profiles included) in a team?
In every instance above, you would notice, that prejudices, pre-conceived notions, perceptions, environment and mentored context, all contribute as knots in a mental chain. Hence, the shake up, means going to individual knots  and appealing to break them down to enable insertion of:
  1. new ideas,
  2. listening power,
  3. cultural sensitivity
A learning scenario, typically addresses any or all of the above business queries and seeks to insert the conditions mentioned before this parah. When we talk of individualized learning paths, they rather be unique and take into account the mental chains of an individual and introduce mental chasm that can develop their growth.

Take the case of a training manager. If the training department follows the slope, the mental chains make the members wedded to an yearly time table and stick to the old content and the travel plan decided based on bargain travel tickets of travel department.

For the training manager to make their department climb the steep, means to bring in enough metrics and feedback or push few training persons to be in business conditions to vouch for the applicability of the training. With enough mental chasm, the chains of walking the slope get weaker. It is now that the training manager can break the chain and insert the change desired.

In e-Learning, we administer a pre-test to decide and prescribe what more the learning needs are.
Rather, if only the prescription is to provision the mental chasm, which then the user will seek the learning themselves than get a mandate to turn the pages.

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