Sunday, August 29, 2010

Agents, adoption, attraction, patrons

After a sale, after a delivery, do we care if the results, be it product, services are useful?
We rely on users to let us know problems through customer care. That allows a safe deduction that there are interaction points with our delivery (service, products). Isnt it a sad theory to get usage stats and qualitative feedback.

Idea cellular, pune circle has a nice example. After receiving the payment they call up to inform that they have received the payment. The way they are trained to start and close, although mechanical by some call center folks is well meant. They some times call to ask feedback on service and what more we might like to consume. Not required at all. As long as service is uninterrupted i am a happy customer. But happy customers are not necessarily buyers.
To buy, your clients need to be patrons, not just happy.

If you need conversions, mine more opportunities, you need to become agent of patron businesses. Many call it evangelism, the real usp is to have agents who can tell and tour with the client on - why are you spending money here? What are you achieving in solutions vs efforts/schedule/cost when and where your programs are finding takers and for what reasons they click with users.

Agents make adoption a success and are the key to attract patrons.

Then a true learning agent is not your course or boss,  but the most liked person in the group for having delivered and attracted great results. Seek the learning agents for learning programs to be success.

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