Monday, August 16, 2010

Success begets Success needs a Human Value

It should be Success begets Scale begets Success to achieve human potential.

This can span a lot of arguments around how scaling leads to a faster fall, a deep nose dive and the old lessons taught to us that we should be guarded against all possible eventualities before taking extreme steps, baby steps are the best way to be cozy on a rainy day etc. Yes, lots of them above are true. But they will eventually happen even if you don't scale. And believe it or not, they happen faster in absence of scale and worst is, the existence is erased without a trace. Sample the following non-scale conditions for your own check:
  1. Being the most experienced in one skill and/or loyal person doesn't guard you against lay off in current corporate/political context.

  2. Being content with managing your expenses based on a fixed one-source income does not save you from heavy expenses that is inevitable or a splurge because heart wanted it.

  3. Being a highly profitable unit with flattened revenues is a valid case to sell-off than to invest and grow the business more.
Getting to scale is the first motto for success. ...And that is why you should get small successes first but set sights to improve scale in same event and time. When you deliver an order of say 10K, you should prepare your team to take on 50K project and set sights to get even higher order. After 50K, it should be a 100K, 500K, and then in millions and billions till the strains appear and need it to be broken down to grow yet again.

If success can get success, all hard workers should get more and more success. However we realize that hard workers get more work while smarter lot get ahead. Well, smart lot is not smarter as you think. Few things they do differently are:

1. Broadcast Success: On Time. It is a sacrilege to let go of opportunity to congratulate and thank people immediately on success. Waiting for opportune moment of some things to happen is going to take away the zing.
2. Keep open Channels: They open multiple communication links. With Twitter, Face book, news letters, thought cards, magazines - print and digital, advertisements, they open doors to potray good things. There are lot of people who are better than you.

3. Get to your community: This is an old living being trait.We never venture individually until the odds and pressure forces us to move on. We always seek friends and family to be around. Same applies to professionals. Irrespective of your company, be aligned to your community. Your good will becomes your asset in your organization. Never though, use your community for personal gains. They will be only there till you belong there. Few easy way to be with your community will be:

3.1. Join your Alumni.

3.2 Make a donation to a public cause.

3.3 Join a conversation you are passionate about.

4. Keep connections active: A face to face or telphonic call goes a long way to keep your consituency alert to you. Being consistently active in place you choose to be is more important than a heavy work out, mad aficionado for a short time and then going to long stillness.

5. Reach out to increase density in their sphere of influence: Success gets to scale when you increase the network you work with. The more people who know you, becomes a selling point to who you are and your business. "Developing business is building networks".

A small set back if avoided to fix and address will lead to multiple failures. My colleague told me that failure as a word has many synonyms. He was mentioning how a service line got associated with such a perception and how it has become a bottle neck in exciting internal stakeholders to make a sale. No one says failure in straight terms. They always cite events to mean failure.

When you measure success, it is the above 5 points that you should care. Building human rapport and spreading the network is the important success criteria.

How have you succeeded today ?

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