Saturday, August 21, 2010

Repetition is key for a successful learning practioner

Going back again and again lets us learn and perform better. No greater example for an effective application of learning is possible without this key trait.

This is single most advice that all artists (e.g. musicians) are unanimous in passing it to aspiring talents.

My dad made me and my sister read out loud minimum 3 times every paragraph and then asked us to write down what sticks in our mind. We used to think he is buying time as he was tasked by our Mom to keep us off her when she was busy.

Be it your time tracking tool, planner, notes, books, they earn value when you return and use them every day. The more familiar you use them, the more repetitive you utilize them, they enhance and deliver better value. Passing it along is highest form of repetition in that it allows more people to resonate and rhyme. This allows teams to thrive and jive together. That is why sharing and passing along books is a trait practiced by closed powerful communities to enhance and increase their resonating views wield power.

Same with your learning programs. Return back to them consistently daily and be in constant touch with them to see the results flowing through.

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